Accelerating Healthcare Technology

Hatchleaf is the only technology platform that connects the life science innovation ecosystem for the sole purpose of accelerating technology commercialization.

What We Offer

Innovators and Clinicians

Highlight your expertise to the world rapidly and efficiently.

  • Easily connect and interact with industry experts
  • Display your areas of expertise with potential individuals from the field
  • Highlight your portfolio, research, patents etc.

Technology Managers

Organize, curate and target strategic partners for your technologies.

  • Ability to showcase your researchers and their areas of work
  • Spotlight the achievements of your institution and its expertise
  • Engage industry leaders looking for emerging technologies

Industry and Investors

Deep analytics and intelligent recommendations enhance your portfolio.

  • Connect with industry investors and experts
  • Get early access to the cutting edge research
  • Get a glimpse into the portfolios of innovators and collaborators

Accelerating Life Science

Core Benefits

Increase Academic Collaboration

Silos of institutional skills, material property, and technical knowledge reduce overall chances of lab-to- market success. Even in a simple experiment, specialists of different skills need to work together. Hatchleaf eliminates silos found in academic research environments with transparency that leads to technology transfer efficiency and new collaborative opportunities across all geographic locations.

Improve Technology Management

For technology managers, the triage of new inventions is an art as much as a science. Hatchleaf delivers insights to avoid unnecessary labor and expenses. This is accomplished through a secure, rapid publishing process that allows technology managers to initiate scalable outreach programs at much earlier research stages than previously conducted.

Establish Licensing Partnerships

Hatchleaf is not another search portal, but rather a modern digital engagement platform that significantly increases the success of identifying the right licensing partner. Those seeking early stage research will continue to be alerted beyond the initial search with new matching technologies as they become available.

Powered by an Intelligent Platform

Hatchleaf is a technology platform that connects the life science innovation ecosystem. Connections on Hatchleaf are not random, but rather intelligently established through modern methods such as machine learning. This results in a proactive industry outreach and life science research discovery unlike anything previously established in the industry.